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Previously On: D&D Wild Lands, Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3: The Tree Heart of Darkness

Recorded 9/19 by Icaron (Richard)

Raft; middle of the jungle. Camp Righteous destroyed. Treasure and money-making opportunities limited. Alchemy Jug abuse getting worse.

  • Kris is sleeping off a Jug bender.

  • Grenn, "the prince of all Saiyans" has stepped forth to join the adventurers. (Human)

  • A plain-looking Drow, Darius Lo'Hearn, seems to be related to Grenn

*Note: I believe they have money. We should mkae a deal for some of this*

~ ~ ~

Second watch: Gary, Icaron, Laurium, and Grenn witness udnead enter the river. They walk underwater, emerge, wander about then return. The behavior seems organized, but doesn't immediately threaten us.

Note: Undead probably have little coin. Avoid confrontation if possible.* ~ ~ ~

Shago wants the party to investigate the undead. He seems to be trying to cheat us on pay.

*Note: This could be healthy for him*

He gives each person 12 gold, except Icaron who gets 16 gold. (As promised.)

~ ~ ~

  • The party moves the raft to the east bank. Danger... and hopefully treasure awaits. Probably death. Might be coin that though.

  • Down a jungle trail, we find a clearing with a strange humanoid and a four legged-creature.

  • Elgar moves to engage after the creatures became alerted... somehow. Unfortunately, he falters. Laurium takes the intitiative.... And stays put. Atara ambushes the humanoid from above. She takes it down but the creature countered--she was hit hard.

*Note: Initiative gets you killed. not rich.*

  • Gary burned the thing. No change. Grenn tossed a net on it. Elgar hacked the net apart, nearly killing the creature.

*Note: Don't trust Elgar with my things.*

  • Gary knocked it out. This will be difficult to explain.

~ ~ ~

Negotiating beings...

  • Undead come from dead tree. There is a passage in the roots.

  • The pygmy guides us down a path to a wooden root of a dead tree.

*Note: Future diplomatic relations with these pygmies may be strained.*

~ ~ ~

  • Enter the tree dungeon. Dora (vegepygmy) leads us to a series of doors (near the base of the tree), but won't approach them.

  • Hagnar goes right in. That seems reckless.

*Note: How valuable are spell stones on the open market, I wonder?*

  • We all start to follow. Hagnar is hearing voices, and sensing necromancy.

  • Gary is now a large, scared cat. Mages are weird.

  • There is a great heart in the tree, filled with necromantic magic.

  • Grenn checked out an altar in a puddle. Risky.

  • I hacked the first apart, but now nine are on us. They may realize I'm not just a merchant.

  • Surely spoils await our gallantry. Maybe.

  • Laurium casts a crazy lightning cube of death.... In a tiny room. With his friends in it. A skeleton explode. But one fills with lightning! A friggin' thunder skeleton. Laurium goes down. With a little help from Elgar's handaxe, I crush some bones and retreat near the treeheart.

  • Grenn smites the thunderskeleton.

  • The cat pounces and bones crumble.

  • A crhomatic orb melts another. Go little lizard.

  • Elgar drops one, and hacks into another.

*Note: Combat could get addictive! The drama! Maybe I should start more trouble to see these guys in action!*

  • The temple shakes. Stones fall. I bury my sickle in the heartwood and a miasma forms. They look of tendrils and move around me. I there is good wood in there, but also magic I'd rather not truck with.

  • This is magic user territory and Gary rises to meet the challenge. He blasts the heartwood with thunder and the undead fall.

  • Hagnar uses some random herbs on Laurium. And he's up! Magic... I just don't get it.

Chapter 4: The Tree Heart of Darkness

Recorded 10/3 by Atara (Rachal)

Two new people arrive with Kris, unsure who they are yet, just want a piggy back ride from Kris again.

Loot found in the temple

Laurium - Small sculpture (useless)

Gary - stone working things (useless)

Icaron - three bundles of herbs (useless), Druidic focus (can't use, so useless, Gary is happy though)

Kris - Mummy things (ewwy)

Atara (me) - Stone fishy blade (used in last 24h, why?)

Hagnar - Druid spells (hmmm)

Jaxin - Rope (yawn)

~ ~ ~

Jackson sees small freckled things, five green, one of them red. They are watching us. I have

to tell everyone to shut up. They are called Grungs.

Jaxin wants to follow them. Gary yells at them and they say there is many of them... great!! Tried to follow, couldn't find trace. Gary is still trying to talk with better luck. I did the smart thing and stop Valenthier from shooting.

They're telling us to put back loot. Jaxin has bow at ready. I tried to go up the trees and the slime made my hand numb. Red Grung is in charge. Gary tries to speak (awkwardly). Calls loot the "sick things." We are traveling through dangerous territory for a day to meet the Grung King. Me and Kris distract as Gary and Icaron stealth away.

KRIS Here Sub in Time

(Your GM has a hard time reading this, sorry!)

Icaron and Gary parlay stealth away and interact with red and green. Two attractive females and two male guards are in conversation. Seems like they're negotiating (WTF?).

Icaron wants to know race. Green eyes Icaron. Gary winks and offers puns... as a panther. Yowww!

Folks wearing sleeveless dino-leather armor. Gary sees more shoulder scales on them...

Atara is back!

I'm back not sure what Kris wrote but our humble merchant is talking with pretty women and men with bows. Gary is awkwardly winking in his hiding spot and we got no new news. We are camping and I scout as Laurium is on watch.

First 100' - Okay.

Another 100' - everything goes quiet. I hide in the trees. I see four dinos smelling the air. One dead dino snaps another dino while I run away. I'm tired of writing. I'm passing this on.

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