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Vault was founded in 2015 after two years of hosting public tabletop gaming nights. We have since expanded to include trivia and tabletop roleplaying games. We are a homegrown business based out of Flagstaff, Arizona and serving nearby communities. 


Our mission is to provide welcoming spaces and hands-on support so that players new and experienced can find their new favorite game. This continues to be our mission. Vault affirms that our events and business welcomes people of all racial backgrounds, national origins, religious practices or beliefs, sex, gender identity or orientation, age, physical or mental disability, political persuasion, citizenship, or income. We work to bring more people to the table.


Gathering around a table to play a game is a modest act of collaboration and entertainment. By offering public opportunities to play, Vault aspires to connect community members around positive memories of friendly competition, teamwork, storytelling, and joy. When diverse backgrounds come around a table, we have seen that the insight of that team is greater than a homogeneous group and its opportunities for triumph multiply. In a small way, Vault events and tabletop gaming in general supports community building as an ongoing, face-to-face practice.


In summary, we at Vault welcome you—whoever you are—to our events and to our tables. We will continue to strive to support your enjoyment at our events and in the context of our diverse community. Do not hesitate to expect more from us and we encourage you to ask.


Caleb Alexander Phillips

Founder and Game Master

Vault: Bringing Back Game Night

November 10, 2016

This is a shortened version of an original open letter about our mission. To read the original, click here. 

Caleb Alexander

Founder & Lead Game Master

Caleb has always played board and video games, and he fondly recalls the battle chess game he ran on MS-Dos as a child. At the age of ten, he played the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons with two friends late into the night. As an adult, Arkham Horror combined his love of storytelling and horror, which fanned the embers of tabletop love. With charming Euro-style games like Settlers of Catan, new media such as Tabletop with Wil Wheaton, the explosive growth of Kickstarter-funded games like Cards Against Humanity and Zombicide, and the easy to play fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Caleb has become an ambassador of tabletop gaming in his community. His knack for rules and math helps him quickly introduce players to new games and provide guidance to keep gameS flowing smoothly. 

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