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Casual Anchor
Personal Anchor

Casual Events

We make outings to bars, coffeeshops, and restaurants. Vault's Casual Events take games, game coaches, and players out on the town! Would a game night be a good addition to your line up of events? Casual events include tabletop gaming, trivia nights, roleplaying games, and more! Click to tell us about your establishment, atmosphere, and availability.

Adventure Anchor

Adventure Night

Ever wanted to sling fireballs in a dungeon or cross swords aboard a pirate galley? Maybe you'd prefer smuggling goods under a galactic empire's nose or protect the world from unspeakable monsters? RPGs are the way to to do it! We provide custom play sessions for your adventuring party. New recruits welcome!

Online Play

Not based in the Flagstaff area? Have friends near and far? That's okay! We just launched our online services using and Patreon. You can check out our YouTube channel too! Contact us to start an online campaign, get  game management support, or fund create content to help you learn and play your new favorite game!

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