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Vault and COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus)

The outbreak of COVID-19 has and will continue to result in many interruptions to everyday life. Among them, the halt in public gaming events, including our weekly Tabletop Game Night at the Weatherford Hotel. We look forward to future game nights, but unfortunately gatherings of players around the table for dice rolling, card pulling, and cube pushing are inappropriate and potentially dangerous. For the time being, we will continue to have roleplaying game events under our Pen & Paper Guild of Northern Arizona banner, with each group discussing if online play is preferred to in person play. These decisions will be made for each group in turn.

Here's what to know about Vault events for the time being:

  • Our weekly tabletop gaming event with the Weatherford Hotel is on hold. This is also in alignment with the City of Flagstaff's proclamation to close venues between March 17th at 8:00 pm through April 1st.

  • Vault will work to be in alignment with guidance from the City of Flagstaff guidance as well as the CDC beyond that time.

  • Our weekly Pen & Paper Guild: Horror on the Orient Express will continue with in-person play. This has been discussed with our players. As usual, we will be able to cancel events as needed and on short notice.

  • Single session and monthly sessions will be addressed on a per-group and per-session basis. It is important for us to continue to entertain and bring together--in-person or digitally--groups of players. If players prefer to use online platforms, we are happy to accommodate.

  • Board game rentals are available! If you are interested in renting games, please contact us at or use our Contact Us page. We have a wide selection of games for rent for seven days at a time ranging for $5 to $10 before tax each. All rentals will be sanitized before pickup/delivery and upon return.

  • Game coaching and private RPG services will not be available for the time being. This does not include our Pen & Paper Guild events.

On VaultCon

I had every inclination of coordination VaultCon 2020, our fourth annual convention to gaming. Given current conditions in the United States and our region, such scheduling will be postponed. We had planned for VaultCon 2020 to be in July, but we will very likely push that scheduling back by one or more months until conditions improve. We have been excited to hear from excited players and from game masters eager to sign up for tables. This is so exciting and we are looking forward to a successful convention and supporting another community partner. However, all of that can wait.

If you are interested in running a table to teach others a roleplaying game, tabletop board game, homebrew game, or miniature game, send us an email or use our Contact Us page to detail the game that you're excited to share. Vault wants you there! By knowing our game masters ahead of time, we can schedule our eventual date more easily to accommodate you.

On RPG Book Club for New & Experienced Game Masters

We and our partners at Bright Side Bookshop were thrilled to see the success of our first RPG Book Club on March 11! We felt that there was demand for resources to get more tabletop RPGs happening and to support GMs. We will be coordinating with Bright Side Bookshop for our next RPG Book Club, expected to be in June. We will continue to work with Bright Side Bookshop, who have themselves cancelled events and closed their doors through April 5th, to make this event a success when next it comes along.

Staying in Touch

To support our new game masters, highlight our partner business events, and keep you in the loop, we are launching a monthly newsletter! This short newsletter will be coming up before April to keep you in the know about what we are planning. Want to sign up?

Thank you for being our player and our readers. In the meantime, keep up on the latest from our local and national health professionals:

Be sure to get your news from reliable sources and defer to the CDC whenever in doubt.

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