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VaultCon Update: Tabletop Game Master Slots Remain & VWS Values

We are just five weeks away from VaultCon III on July 13! Have you bought your tickets from our online store yet? We are excited to highlight that our Tabletop RPG slots are filled! Here is our updated schedule:

  • 11:00 am - Shadowrun Anarchy RPG with Game Master Caleb

  • 12:00 pm - First Tabletop Game Slot

  • 2:00 pm - Take 'Em For All They're Worth Homebrew RPG with Game Master Richard

  • 3:00 pm - Second Tabletop Game Slot

  • 5:00 pm - Shifting Spirits Homebrew RPG with Game master Jonathan

  • 6:00 pm - Black Stories by Game Master Austin

Interested in a free ticket? Then sign up to teach fellow players one of your favorite games at 12:00 pm or 3:00 pm! We know that games like Scythe, Terra Mysica, Rex: Final Days of an Empire, Inis, and Viticulture are well-loved by many of our players; we would happily see unique games like Nyctophobia, the new Dice Settlers, T.I.M.E. Stories, or one of our Tiny Epic Games get special attention! We know that we have several games that don't fit with our weekly Tuesday game night with the Weatherford Hotel. VaultCon is their chance to shine! Worried about the weight of teaching a game? Grab a handful of lightweight games like the donated and very silly Ooga Booga, the backstabbing Saboteur, and the D&D themed Dungeon Mayhem for some goofiness! As always, if you want to highlight a game of your own creation or from your own library, please do! Just remember that if the game can engage in difficult topics, we employ the X-Card (read more here).

What are RPGs do we have on the schedule? Glad you asked! VaultCon III appears to be the year of the homebrew game while yours truly is excited to bring together a crew of chummers, too:

Shadowrun and Shadowrun Anarchy are Property of Catalyst Games

Shadowrun Anarchy with Game Master Caleb, 11:00 am: A medium-weight roleplaying game set in the Sixth World, a grim cyberpunk future following the re-awakening of magic and the rise metahumanity such as elves, trolls, and faeries. Shadowrun provides an "everything and the kitchen sink" attitude that blends cyberpunk and fantasy elements with the modified Cue System for snappy, highly interactive roleplay and the chance to roll handfuls of six-sided dice for various skills. The Mr. Johnson has a job for you, the trick will be finishing it alive.

Take 'Em For All They're Worth with Game Master Richard, 2:00 pm: This homebrew is a hack and slash lootfest inspired by Diablo and other similar fantasy games with hordes of gold dropping monsters. Game Master Richard expects you to wade through waves of monsters, swinging and bashing to your heart's content in an action-packed session!

Shifting Spirits with Game Master Jonathan, 5:00 pm: Shifting Spirits is a deck building rogue-lite RPG. Instead of dice, players use custom decks to perform any action they wish to within the game. These decks grow and change at multiple times during the game by both player actions and enemy influences. Game Master Jonathan's setting is the Weird West. The party is a team of professional monster hunters who have been called to the desert town of Santo-Los Pocos by the local Sheriff to look into a series of grizzly livestock murders. They fear something supernatural is on the loose and the party must discover what it is and put a stop to it.

Game Master Jonathan is also coordinating an online convention for Fear the Boot RPG Podcast!

You can check it out on Con Planner here and join the conversation on their Discord server here!

While we're talking about VaultCon, learn a little more about our non-profit partner: Victim-Witness Services of Coconino County. Read about their values below and check out their website here. Remember, your tickets helps support the mission of VWS and you'll be able to make a donation at VaultCon, too!

Our Values are the foundation of our organization and guide our thinking, actions, decisions, responses and priorities.

Self Care as a Lifestyle - We believe taking care of ourselves will lead to a stronger, healthier, and more effective team of advocates. We recognize that personal and organizational well-being are paramount to the quality of life of advocates and the quality of support to victims.

Integrity - We consistently uphold honesty, genuineness and accountability. Our foundation is a strong work ethic, grounded in a steadfast adherence to respectful and ethical practice.

Community - We believe in fostering connections among individuals to build a community dedicated to our mission and vision. We also believe in working with and being of service to the many communities with whom we work. We acknowledge the personal power of individuals and groups, seeing each as capable of exerting individual and collective agency in the advancement of healthy and safe communities.

Collaboration - We believe when individuals act together, social change can occur. We value working respectfully with others toward common goals. We believe we are stronger together and that unified action is essential to increase the impact of our collective work.

Creativity - We believe expansive, imaginative thinking and action generate powerful and innovative solutions. We value the time, space and freedom that allow creativity to bloom.

Possibility - We challenge ourselves individually and organizationally to look past constraints—striving to be our best through consciously taking risks. In the spirit of innovation, we commit to pushing the boundaries of not just what is doable, but what is possible.

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