Previously On: Wild Lands - Chult Ep1

September 6, 2018



Thanks to our eight (Eight!!!) players last Wednesday! We had a lot to cover at the outset but we were able to get a move on fairly quickly with rudimentary character sheets. We set off down the River Shoshenstar with guide Shago of the Flaming Fist and, well, we'll let Hagnar the Kobold (PC Blake) tell you the tale...

But first a link to character player sheets!

If the character sheet is named, then please respect that that is just for that player as there may be secret and fun details for them to use! Character sheets are also malleable for the first few levels as you sort out the character you want to play as. We've added the other basic "Class Character Sheets" which you can find on the DMs Guild website,, in case that might interest you. If you're enjoying the game, consider swinging by +Cab Comics to pick up a D&D Player's Handbook!

Now, to the summary.

~ ~ ~

DR 1492, the Chultan Penninsula, City of Port Nyanzaru

Cast of Characters
Elgar the Dragonborn Barbarian
Kris the Human Fighter
Laurium the Eladrin Bard
Icaron the Simple Merchant
Gary the Dwarf Druid
Pita the Elf Ranger
Atora the Elf Rogue
And Hagnar the Kobold with Library Late Fees

Day 1
Shago of the Flaming Fist (that's new, he seems to join the Flavor-of-the-month) has recruited us to protect an outpost. He was kind enough to pay us up front. Icaron helped by "negotiating" with Shago. Shago seems like a dolt. The rest went to shop as I had late fees at the Central Library.

We headed up the River Shoshenstar on a dinky little raft. They must be hurting for people.

Kris swam out to pet some big meat eating animals (Editors' Note: large, scaled quadripedal creatures with a colorful sail on their backs). Gary was about to talk to these beasts, but we couldn't figure out what they were.

Pita ran into a red winged raptor (Ed.: This would look something like an osprey in shape) in the forest. Gary didn't want to make it talk again. We anchored mid-river. The crew said it'd be safer on the raft.



Day 2
Attack! [Images of various Batiri masks as sketched by Hagnar.]

The humans managed to find angry natives. Elgar proves his worth to the group by dispatching three goblins. He's such a great guy!

You come upon an abandoned riverside camp strewn with wreckage. The tents are tattered and all the permanent structures appear to have burned to the ground. Two intact rowboats are tied off to a short dock.
North of the camp is a ridge, built into which is an 80 foot tall stone statue carved to look like a mna with a crocodile on his back. Between the statue's feet is a stone archeway leading to a dark tunnel. To the left of the statue is a crude animal pen with a small, panicked bird running around inside it. There are no other signs of life.

We arrive alive. For now.

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