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Previously On Achtung! Cthulhu Pulp: Session Zero & Resources

Holy smokes! Are we excited for smashing together Pulp Cthulhu with Achtung! Cthulhu for Sunday Wine & Roll! Cindy, Caitie, Kelly, and Tyler joined us to put together characters using the Pulp Cthulhu rules to play in through Three Kings in the Achtung! Cthulhu line. We'll get to introductions first and then to resources at the end. Edwina Teresa was born in Mexico City, her mother was a machinist in the industrial district and Edwina, or ET as she now goes by, took to them with aplomb. She scours junkyards and workshops for odds and ends to craft together and is always eager to figure out how something works. Recently, she came across a strange radio that picks up signals she can't make heads or tails of, but as she is wont to do, she must figure it out. She saw a similar device come out of a delivery truck in New York City, so she cased the joint and made her way into the office. The nightshift came on her, but she disarmed him with her trusty wrench before giving him a hearty KO backswing! She grabbed the "radio," which had been covered in a sheet and resembled a glassed birdcage full of springs, cogs, and antennae. On her way out the door, she was greeted by one Dr. Kai Rizzen. Dr. Rizzen hails from Austria and has become known as an odd, but impressively intelligent scientist. His accent and technical manner makes him an intimidating presence, which he uses to his advantage. Despite his oddities, he's rather interested in human behavior. He was tapped by British Intelligence in the States for the special Three Kings mission in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. Few others might be able to make sense of the advanced sciences the Nazis are using stateside, and his native German would be of great value. Besides the mischievous Edwina, Dr. Rizzen had recruited the glove trotting archaeologist, Dr. Vivianne Jones. Having recently returned from a trip in the Amazonian rain forest to an increasingly detente between the growing Nazi Reich and American forces, she was eager to lend a hand. No stranger to fisticuffs and an invaluable resource for historical, geological, and archaeological inquiries, Jones was a natural recruit to complement Rizzen's specialties.

And pulling him from boot camp and eager to make a name for himself, the sprout of a soldier Joe Kowalski signed on. The youngest of the group, he nevertheless has excelled at long-distance marksmanship and is the only of the group with proper military training. With the recent shift of Nazi Germany into his family's native Poland, he's eager to reach his family that have since fallen out of contact, giving him just the gumption and go-get-em attitude needed for this expedition. The party will be joined by a few other allies and encounter abundant enemies in the days to follow as they move behind enemy lines! --- We still have a few slots open, so if you have the attitude to take the fight to the Nazis as a resistance fighter or a late addition to the roster, then let us know! The modified rules for pulpier, tougher characters from Cthulhu Pulp have really gotten us excited for this new chapter in Wine & Roll! ---

Resources Chaosium Character Sheets, Pulp Cthulhu sheets are at the bottom. A link to my Dropbox for the characters we've drafted up. Tyler opted to write up Dr. Kai Rizzen himself while I'll plop in a few other characters I've made. A few resources on standard issues weapons in WWII. Chaosium's shop page for Pulp Cthulhu Modiphius's page for Achtung! Cthulhu

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