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Previously On: Ladies' Night Quest Line Summary

Summary of quest lines with associated players when appropriate.

This will totally contain spoilers for those not currently playing, just a heads up! After checking with the Damsels of Distress, they voted for a rundown of our quests that have been hinted out. This is likely incomplete! With Candace traveling for a few weeks, the endeavor to hunt down the "monster snake" creature in the caverns, assuming it is even there! So here we go alphabetically and then in more or less chronological order: The Entire Party

  1. Seek out the Broken Lysaga and/or her Huntsman: Following your encounter in the Ruins of Berez, The Lysaga split into four hawk forms, one of which escaped your attacks. Then, while leaving the Mad Mage's tutelage, her Huntsman attacked you, killing some of the ravens encountered previously. Neither the Lysaga nor her Huntsman are slain, both representing dangerous threats to your party. Doesn't it worry you that the Lysaga fled with the Abbott's mace grasped in its talons?

  2. Seek Out Strahd, If You Dare: Count Strahd von Zarovich, the ruler of the land, has made his shadowy presence known to you. Do you dare visit him in his home, Castle Ravenloft, that looks down on the region? His allies, including the a red dragon hunting the Mad Mage, have already made themselves known to you.

Danu the Mercurial

  1. Recruit Kristianna by Bring the Abbott a Wedding Gown: The Abbott is willing to protect Krezk if the party can bring him a wedding gown for Vasilka.

  2. Who Are the Wildfolk of Barovia: Once they accosted the Martikov Clan, these druids and other wildfolk have made a site of worship south of the vineyard. They roam freely in the woods and perhaps know something that the civilized folk of the region do not. Or perhaps they are brutal savages...

Moon on Horizon (Having only recently joined the party, Moon's quests are more vague and based on her overland travels.)

  1. The Land's Sickness: Having patrolled, you have encountered strange, shambling plant creatures that smell faintly of iron and rot. While easy marks, they could be dangerous in large masses and unsettle you. They are often accompanied by wildfolk bedecked in furs.

  2. Ezmeralda, the Fortune Teller: The others speak of a dark-haired woman who read their fortunes, providing guidance in this strange land. What might this Ezmeralda say of you?

  3. The Diseased Maws: You were able to heal your new companions during the battle with the werewolves, but their bites carried poison. What has contaminated these beasts?

Ramona Briars

  1. Search for the Demon Serpent: Something dwells in the caverns beneath Barovia. Snake? Fish? Dragon? What could it be? What effect is it having on the people of Krezk? What creatures once camped near what had become the werewolves' den? And it was worshiped by the fishfolk village who had taken the Galeb Dur's staff... Are your friends game for the dangerous path below? Do they believe you sane enough for it?

  2. The Raven that Flies with Bats: Of whom does your card speak? You've met many a raven, especially with the support of Danu and Brigid, and there was the odd encounter in the rear barn of the Blue Waters Inn in Vallaki after traveling with the wine shipment. What strange guidance!

  3. Who is the Spider's Maker?: On the road to Vallaki you came across an odd mechanical spider. The toymaker was impressed by it and highlighted the fine maker's mark of a lantern with CB within. Such clockwork items have been seen, but where might you find the maker?

Shiva Stoneheart

  1. The Hanged Scoundrel: The first of Ezmeralda's divinations, if you take to that sort of thing, read, "The Thief: That which hanged the scoundrel may yet be darkly blessed." What could this mean? (Also, total fault on my part, but something related to this has been passed, actually more than once. The location in question is just west of Barovia.)

  2. The Prohibitive Queen: The second of Ezmeralda's cards was, "The Tax Collector: The prohibitive Vistani queen may lower herself to become a noble bride, though to what end?" You've run into a few Vistani and having rescued those taken by the wolves, perhaps the camp along the Tser Pool would be of service to you.

  3. Seeking Libraries: As the most learned of the group, you have been curious to learn more of the history and seek other insights. The Mad Mage was able to provide some guidance, but surely there are local resources available. Castle Ravenloft is the most likely candidate, but perhaps there are other destinations of higher learning. Or other potential guides...


  1. Seek the Tyrant!: Ezmeralda had revealed the card The Darklord, and done so with a shudder! Perhaps, with more knowledge than ever of the darkness swirling beneath, you might climb to the Castle!

  2. Bug Spray: You haven't encountered the ankhegs since the vineyard, but like any pest, there are certainly more crawling about somewhere...


  1. The Aid of Elsinore the Springborn: As foretold in your card reading, "Find the nurturing seed and those who serve the Twilit realm will offer their mischievous aid in exchange," you have encountered those from the Fey Realms. In addition, she has suggested a place for you and perhaps for Danu. But you know better than anyone that such things are always, always bargains. What does she seek?

  2. The Death of the Winged Warrior: The Son of Argynvost, the strange, silver-leafed tree in the old keep, has offered protection to the Burrowling tribe and the strange, undead knight. They offered treasures to you, but perhaps the Son of the Silver Dragon has more to offer.

  3. A Reprieve from the Mists: You grow weary of this realm of shadows and fog. Perhaps the Vistani can offer a path away, though Barovians are skeptical of such deals with the bands of merchants.

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