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Previously On: Wild Lands - Chult Ep2

Wild Lands: Chult - A Game for New and Busy Players Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Apologies for slow posts, the notebook went missing briefly! We began the session of Sept. 12 with "Popcorn Backgrounds." This was a fun way to tie in player characters' backstories in a small way, somewhat explaining why they would travel upriver with one another as a loose band of ne'er do wells. We had only six of our characters, but that didn't stop some of our missing players from getting incorporated. Popcorn Backgrounds

  • Atara our gambling rogue had spent much of her evenings in the Thundering Lizard Tavern winning a bit of coin with Kris, our stalwart fighter, among others in the tej house. Both, it turns out, have a love of the old bones, and are eager to throw coin about to win some.

  • Kris had gotten between Icaron the "Humble Merchant" and some mean tempered types. Kris, having shown their worth, was hired by Icaron to tend to some business dealings and ensure they went off smoothly.

  • Icaron, always eager to make use of his business acumen, had offered to manage the bard Laurium who, despite heartbroken, was playing for his stay at the Thundering Lizard. The two both had a penchant for more exotic libations and Icaron was quite convincing that he could make the coin flow a little more easily.

  • Laurium was heartbroken, as it happens, because his boyfriend Ansem had recently left Port Nyanzaru. During brighter days, Laurium had often visited Ansem in the library of the harbor city where he met Hagnar, the scholarly kobold, often snout deep into a half dozen dusty tomes. Laurium, upon seeing the kobold slumbering amidst the stacks, took pity and offered to cover his room at the Thundering Lizard for some proper sleep.

  • Hagnar, ever the bookworm, had become research colleagues with Gary the dwarf, whose peculiarly crafted staff--its top mounted by a carved bush baby with polished stone eyes--seemed to ever be peering at Hagnar. Gary, a quiet type, was appreciative of someone who might respect the rules of the library while bringing resources on the local fauna and ancient history of Chult.

  • Gary had caught wind of Pita the elf as they had both gone to one of the great sprouting from the fine cobbles of Port Nyanzaru to get their bearings. The trees were encircled with maps and the two outsiders both had the gruff, stained fingers of wilderness folks.

  • Elgar the Dragonborn had become, rather unhappily, acquainted with Hagnar on the ship en route to Port Nyanzaru. Hagnar, assuming a fellow scaleskin would be fine company, had been the rather kindhearted admirer of Elgar, who took little from the kindnesses.

Now to the session! Cast of Characters Elgar the Dragonborn Barbarian (absent) Kris the Human Fighter Laurium the Eladrin Bard Icaron the Simple Merchant Gary the Dwarf Druid Pita the Elf Ranger (absent) Atara the Elf Rogue Hagnar the Kobold Wizard With Two Special Guests! ~ Spoiler Alert for D&D Tomb of Annihilation! ~ Day 3, Morning Recorded by Kris (aka Grace) The Camp Righteous has been abandoned for five days. Icaron has claimed the Torm holy symbol. Attara got shore and sneaked about. Lola, the axe beak hatchling, has purple beak markings. Gary was able to chat with the adult axe beaks from afar. They spoke of, "The ones that walk and that reek came through the woods in the night. The grey fleshed ones." Oh no! Undead for sure. :O There were little bulls in the bush, but we didnd't check 'em out. Atara and I checked the captain's tent... Snake attack! We found some objects in the chest Hagnar and Gary noticed some unrest in the latrines. Hagnar and Icaron were able to help a weak and frightened soldier from the foul bowl. Branson, who some are calling Latrina, got rinsed off and fed, though he still smells. He reported, "I saw dozen of them. Aldric fell and the wood pile went up like kindling with a crash." We took to the ruins after Gary made a bit of a fuss about the undead. Day 3, Evening Come the evening, we couldn't stay away from the ruins. Shago told us the story of Man and Crocodile and how the two are not friends. This temple... it seems to resonate with that telling. There were big traps, but Kris, Atara, Hagnar, and Laurium were able to climb about, imitating Man and Crocodile with... moderate success. It seems that Laurium stumbled into a few traps when he moved on his own. Just as we got through the last of the dangers, we came to a large atrium that must have been in the temple's head. A pillar with stairs encircling it was inscribed several glyphs, according to Hagnar, and so we continued to imitate Man and Crocodile to reach a many-corked urn at the top. Once we grabbed it, the roof shook and stones began to fall! We rushed out, leaping over the trap areas as best we could to find Icaron and Gary shaking their heads on the raft. But we found a treasure! It had wine within one side of it, so I drank my fair share! ~ ~ ~ Things shamble in the dark and a strange temple in the jungle coming up! Image Credit: Funny Animalz Blog

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