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Previously On: Pulp Cthulhu The Two-Headed Serpent, Ep2

Update from June 10th. Please add or correct any information I either got incorrect or left out. This is from Teddy's POV. Bolivia March 16, 1933 (Second encounter) Dear Auntiee Aggie, I don’t think this “charitable” organization is all it’s cracked up to be. I shot a man this morning, and it’s really not as much as fun as it sounds. In my defense, this bad man had just shot this really cute Italian guy, a Dr. Usury or Ursinum, something like that. It’s a few hours later, and we’ve engaged in a couple pf bouts of weird combat with something, someone that may or may not have scales. Scales. Like snake scales. Since we need a radio to contact base camp we had to search some of the soldiers’ bodies, and when I say “we” I mean the other people. I AM NOT TOUCHING A DEAD BODY! We find Karnish or Varnish, the head dead guy, and one of our gang found a weird map with squiggly lines they said was a search grid of the temple. Sorry, but Miss Mary Oliver’s School for Girls didn’t cover that. How to make a curtsy to the King of England? Yes. How to read a squiggly map or hieroglyphics? No. Just to give you an idea of the people here. Mother would not approve! There’s a vampy widow type that calls herself Simone de Bois that SAYS her husband died of a gunshot. I think there’s more to the story because she has that look on her face that Mother gets when she’s lying to Daddy about how much something cost. There is a big guy, Big Mitch, with a hat and a whip that looks like he just walked off the latest Cecile B. DeMille movie set. A dark-haired Spanish or Italian woman with a very long name. Her given name is Isabella Rosa, but she wants us to call her Izzy. I know what it’s like to be saddle with a stupid name so okay, fine. Then there’s another guy, dark skinned and hair, quite exotic, with a cute little round hat named Sameer. Guy is named Sameer, not the hat. Ha ha. He’s another one that looks like he came off a movie, maybe a Charlie Chan. And then there is Alex, a tomboy type. She looks pretty capable and wiry. And of course, my precious Fink is here. He’s been a little subdued for his rotten little self. I don’t think he cares for the jungle. Anyway, Izzy sashays over to one of the soldiers and talks to him in Spanish. He was pretty scared, but she calmed him down. She gets the radio from him. We contact Caddy aka Cadeucus home base. Alex gets up high and sees some kind of sphere as she’s setting up the radio. We give Caddy an update. I speak to the mighty Mr. Shapiro and tell him all the bad stuff that’s happened to us so far. He then proceeds to tell me that we are here to do more than provide aid assistance in a third world country. NO. THAT’S NOT ALL. Now he wants us to get some ancient guardian/mummy/goddess thing that was released. We are supposed to bring this CREATURE back to New York City, alive. NOW he tells us!He very thoughtfully said we should keep an eye out for traps and snakes. Given that we’ve been here all of, what, four hours, and have been under ambush, seen a possible part snake person, and dealt with hypnotized Bolivian soldiers I told him in one of Mother’s frosty voices ever, “Thank you SO much!” Please have Daddy investigate this man. I gave the gang the bad news, and they took it much better than I did. So off to the Aid Camp for resources. Sameer walked in to the camp, and I got the chance to walk around as sneaky as can be. It was so much fun but turns out unnecessary. Sameer talked to the physician working on the Bolivian solders. They seemed fine now. I ran back to tell the others and we all entered the camp. Alex takes us to the sphere where we hear howler monkeys and some other animals going a little crazy like something out of Tarzan. Someone Sade they thought a jaguar might be prowling around. We get to the crashed sphere, a glass round thing which had ANOTHER snake-man in the pilot seat. His holster was empty which was not a good sign. Alex got a control module she can use (like I said tomboy), and Izzy mentioned something about the serpent people being the long-lost people from the island of Mu. Yeah, that curtsying talent is going to go far here. As a jaguar roared, a howler monkey showed up with a gun. I know. I know. Just go with it. Alex ended up with a flame gun. Pretty snazzy looking, but I like my little mother-of-pearl handle. We spent a long time searching around but ended up returning to where the wardstones were found. Apparently, wardstones are a really big deal. On our way Izzy finds some bark to make poison that will temporary paralyze people. Harry, new guy, finds a mossy stone with writing in it. A couple of the brainier ones study it then Big Mitch just blows it up and, oh yeah, there was a stairwell leading down. A black mass comes up with shadows which Izzy spots right away. The moss moves to fight. Yes, you read that right. The. Moss. Moved. To. Fight. Sameer waved some fire at it then I can’t remember if it was Izzy or Alex that shot the flame gun ‘cause I was still watching the moss move. So glad Mr. Shapiro told us to Apparently there is mummy spawn down there protecting the mummy. It’s scared mummy spawn so yeah for that. The creature dies, and the brainiacs figure out more about wardstones so we can find the temple. Really, I want to punch Mr. Shapiro in the nose when we see him. When! Not if! Part of the temples above ground and has mud around it, Of course, it has mud around it. Thank you Mr. Shapiro for he heads up! Some people came through which means the temple was moving.We should blow up the door, but we need to get another wardstone. Alex clears away ANOTHER stone and Big Mitch blows it up AGAIN. Then ANOTHER spawn. Killed ANOTHER spawn! Ho hum, another day, another Bolivian mummy or something spawn. Darn, my nails look simply AWFUL! I won’t even talk about my hair after all this. It’s very strange we haven’t seen any more snakes what with Mr. Shapir’s warning and the weird snake men, but end back at the temple again. The door is crumpled to dusty and it’s finally morning. Yes, well famous last words. The walls have lots of murals I would just as soon not look at right now. Sameer and Izzy went down first, when YUCK, a coral snake dropped down which Sameer killed. Izzy sees a slit in the wall that has marks in each side. A pendulum swings down and cuts the stone in half. Izzy casts a spell that slows the pendulum down so we can get by and walk down a spiral staircase. To make a wonderful experience of walking down a spooky, gloomy spiral staircase in what is probably a mummy’s tomb even better is that snakes started slithering down like nasty rainsdrops. At the bottom a solid mass of slithering snakes was waiting for us. Gulp, we made it through, but poor Sameer was bitten. We had to retreat a little to put cotton wool in our ears while, guess who, blew up some more stuff. He sure does love his dynamite, but no complaints here! We came to a grand chamber with two snake columns with glowing eyes. The glow continued to brighten and brighten. We took cover as a green light exploded out as if it was out to get us. Izzy and I hide behind a column. The beams are weird looking gems. Sameer climbs up to pry them off the column and for a moment his hand has scales on it, but he shakes them off. The mummy was al the altar. I couldn’t help it, but I shot it. I hit it, but nothing happened. The serpent struck at Izzy. Someone tossed something in the serpent’s mouth but no damage. Izzy tosses a grenade at the serpent and who could blame her and Alex ends up taking the snake down in a volley with her flame gun. Add Flame gun to my Christmas list, Auntie! One way to get a Deb Ball! Izzy and Sameer stupidly go over to the Mummy to “check” it out. They poke the thing which crumbles like dead, dry scaly snake skin. Guh-ross! AND a shaft opens up. A 40 foot shaft. I hate this place. We end up going down and they are even more murals. Gee, wonder what they show? There she is. A sorceress mummy. She’s covered in glittering scales and holding a scepter and is, unfortunately, ,waking up. Close by is a box that should have held her crown, and a book that a priest was reading. And emeralds!! I generously offer to hold the emerald. Even if I don’t get to keep it, it’s just so smooth and cool. The Eggheads all ooh and aah over some fragile scrolls and more serpent people stuff.

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