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Previously On: Achtung Cthulhu!

The week's episode of Achtung Cthulhu is brought to you by Ajax the foaming cleanser! Last week on Achtung Cthulu, Kai, Joe, ET, and Vivian had been knocked unconscious and tied up in the bowels of the evil empire’s Nazi submarine as Finn and Mitch pondered how to help their allies. Stay tuned to see how our X-Troop heroes fight the Nazi horde. Not knowing what had happened to the others, Finn and Mitch pretended to be ambushed along with the other German soldiers that lay incapacitated. Three soldiers come out of the submarine armed with rapiers and one with a bow and arrow. Mitch describes the ambush to the soldiers as they enter the small staff building and see the dead man at the desk. As several soldiers take care of their wounds, the leader moves to the radio. Mitch takes out his Luger and shoots and takes the man out as Finn quickly stabs and engages in a short struggle with another soldier. Right meets might and the second soldier dies. Mitch fires at a third soldier and misses and dodges as the German returns fire. Taking deadly aim, Mitch shoots the third soldier in the right eye. From outside a soldier asks if is there a problem and Mitch quickly responds in German that they have killed some intruders and the situation is handled. Finn and Mitch quickly strip the soldiers of their SS uniforms. Back on the submarine, the frog faced woman waves smelling salts under the noses of the trussed up four.

“Verbündet schweinehund! I have ways of making you talk."

Viv and Kai simultaneously cast the Vile Wrench spell on the witch. She clutches her chest and hope that one evil-doer will expire stirs in our heroes hearts. Her twisted taunting laughter dispels that notion. As Kai looks at her, his eyes widen as he sees the green horror behind the veil of the Fish Witch she really is with moist tendrils trailing from her green body into the abyss that never was. Kai coughs as if drowning as a green light pours out from a green vortex at the end of the sub.

As Joe works to loosen his bindings, one of the guards throws first Vivian then ET through the pulsing green portal. Finally free, Joe runs out of the submarine to get help and runs into Mitch and Finn. Borrowing a 38 from Finn, Joe pretends to be captured by Finn as they march back into the submarine. We'll take a short break with a word from our sponsor then back with the story.

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