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Previously On: Achtung Cthulhu!

Settling in after their Dunwich experience, X-Troop worked on refining some skills, and with the assistance of Sara Kai and Vivian learned some basic spells. X-Troop also gained one new ally while lost another. Finn has joined us with her wolf companion, and Joe was sad but relieved to see Henry Scott drift away in the mists of time in a haze of single malt. May 26, 1940 X-Troop’s latest assignment is to locate CODENAME Wotan. The overlying operation is to assist in Operation Dynamo aka Agatha Marcham, the Allied effort to evacuate Dunkirk beach. Target location for Codename Wotan is Mesegen, Belgium.

The region is surrounded by German troops as well as being bombed by German Stukas. Clouds, fog and smoke make visibility a problem, but aid in evading German troops.

The group heads to the the BEF Command Post and speaks to Commander Nigel. Roads are bad, but a truck is available if someone can fix it. ET manages to do an excellent job, and while a tight fit, X-Troop heads to Mesegen. A German supply truck trundles close, and Joe and ET run to a barn and take position with rifles at ready as Vivian and Bob talk to the German. An awkward moment until Vivian reluctantly raises her arm in the “Heil Hitler” position, but it suffices.

The group continues closer to the fighting, and ends up taking cover at the river near Ypres. The sound of a plane overhead brings out Joe who shoots once, then a second time which drives the sputtering plane back towards German territory. X-Troop hurries to Mesegen and finds shelter once again in the trees as Nazi’s walk by. They crawl through spotlights that night to gain territory. Given their past experience with sympathetic priests opposed to the Nazi’s they approach a church for information. The priests asks if they are British and doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of Agatha until the subject of Norse legends is brought up.

With the sounds of fighting in the distance, X-Troop arrives at Miriam d’Smets’ house. A small woman let’s the group in her dark house. She directs them upstairs where the musty odor hits them. A small woman is asleep. Finn helps Agatha drink, but she doesn’t wake. Kai examines her and she appears to be in a coma. Kai takes the opportunity to examine and decipher her notebook. Agatha talks in her sleep, “Let me out. Let me out!” There is the suggestion of astral projection. Kai finds out that the Nazi’s have a new submarine weapon that detonates the ocean floor.They are taking it to Newport, and there is the fear that they will try and bring something up.

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