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Previously On: Achtung Cthulhu Interlude

I only got through part of last Sunday's events. I'll try and get the rest up... You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop…the Cthulhu Zone!

Witness if you will an intrepid band of fighters, made out of a veritable mix of bravura, ego, patriotism, adventure, intelligence and… evil. The inmates of this enclave include a spy, an intellectualist, a patriot, an actor and lastly, but not least, a car thief. Their calling and so-called mission is to help rid the world of a growing evil rotting the hearts and minds of men. The issue: they have entered into a dimension, a time, a veritable time tunnel beyond their control, beyond their mission. Did their actions determine their path…or did a more malevolent force draw them in to ...TO THE CTHLULHU ZONE? Just the Facts, Ma’am. What happened the first time in 1287. It is 1287, Dunwich, England, specifically the era of King Edward I, Edward Longshanks and Hammer of the Scots. 1287 is year known for devastating storms affecting South and East England and as far north as The Netherlands that resets the landscape and coastlines. A merchant by the name of Levett has set up both Sara Brown and Father Fynch, the priest of St. Bartholemew, to die. Sara Brown is a young woman with a reputation of being a witch for good or bad, and has helped the village and the fisherman by keeping the elements at bay. Accused of witchcraft, Sara will die by fire, and Father Fynche will be crucified outside of town. X Troop’s Third Close Encounter: Back in the forest for the third time, the owl flies overhead. ET, Vivian and Joe go to St. B’s where various people are milling around. They spot Nathaniel Hall accompanied by Clare and Katherine and follow them down to the crypt. As X Troop watches and listens the three peasants discuss how to slide the top off one of the crypts. Vivian sees it is a stone slab with three crowns on it representing the ancient King’s of East Anglia. As the shadows from the candlelight, the three suspected grave robbers get the tomb cover off. Clare takes out a sack and reveals a tarnish silver crown with jewels on it. Vivian realizes that crown embodies the spirit of the old kings and is a form of protection for the area. The three try to leave as Vivian comes out from behind a pillar to ask where they are going with this holy relic as Joe and ET wait to see what happens. Vivian struggles with Clare and manages to get the crown away. ET wallops Nathaniel with her sledge hammer and he collapses. As Vivian tries to clock Katherine, Katherine takes a dagger, cuts her hand and tosses blood in an arc. Blood hits Joe, Vivian and ET, and unknowingly and mystically affects Kai and Bob as well. The X Troop are significantly weakened.

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