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Previously On: Achtung Cthulhu!

March 4 update Kai Rizzen's report. My notes were a little spotty, but here goes. Forgot who killed Kamperstein and how we actually got out of the castle. June 14, 1939. 2300 hours Kai Rizzen reporting from Coordinates: 49.9395° N, 14.1880° E. UNIT: X Troop THE OP: Rescue families, capture and interrogate Herr Doktor Kamperstein, engage in involved combat with the Wehrmacht (armed German force), SS officers as well as unknown foreign … entity. SIT REP: At 0500, I awoke to find myself the only one awake. I want to reiterate my concerns in involving civilians on a mission as delicate as this. At least Joe Kowalski has some idea of military training and protocol and is an effective sniper, but I am afraid if he is shot one more time his red, white and blue blood trail will lead back to our group and expose us all. His gee whiz, All-American hayseed, small-town act is wearing thin, and I am concerned he is becoming a little suspicious of me. Edwina Teresa is excellent WITH and the dismantling OF machinery, but she has a deplorable tendency to get shot repeatedly as well as run away. It would be more beneficial to the group if she would run BEFORE she gets shot. Vivian Jones is a good shot as well, but I am still in the dark as to how an archaeologist will help on this mission. As for Milos Budar…He is an actor. I believe that speaks for itself. I asked him he had met Humphrey Bogart, and he had no response for me. I digress. At 0600, the party awoke and we proceeded to the target location. Apparently either our luck had turned or our training kicked in as the Nazi’s were unaware of our infiltrating the castle. Vivian, Edwina and Joe crept in via the tower. As the more mature and, well sturdier, individuals of the group, Milos and I went through the gate into an open courtyard full of Wehrmacht soldiers. I asked to be directed to Dr. Kamperstein and was given directions to the Tower with no questioning from the soldiers. While there is much to admire in the German nature regarding their rather clinical approach to discipline, order and obedience, it seems to attribute to a lack of discernment when they meet with an authority figure especially one in a military uniform. We need to continue to manipulate this weakness to our advantage. We entered a room with two SS officers and once again were directed relatively easily to Dr. Kamperstein’s chamber. Milos stayed at the top for the moment. I am going to address what Joe, Vivian and Edwina encountered before I continue. Joe, Vivian and Edwina went over the Tower quite easily and landed in a small courtyard next to the Tower. Unfortunately for Vivian it was more than just a courtyard as she stepped in soft dirt encountering a shallow grave with at least two bodies. After clearing away the dirt, they observed decaying, shriveled and rotten flesh with markers that suggested these were some of the missing villagers/family members. As they came farther into the castle they noticed that a serious cloud formation was coming in. It must have been a significant event to mention under the circumstances. I took out yet another German officer, SS this time, and appropriated his uniform for more efficacious subterfuge now and in the future. Eventually all of X Troop met in Dr. Kamperstein’s chamber where even I was dismayed to see a naked corpse strapped to a table while another man, apparently a Resistance fighter, was manacled to the wall. Kamperstein jolted the corpse which then rose from the table and made more than one individual in the room scream, most notedly the manacled Czech. I, of course, remained calm, cool and collected. I was quite curious as to how Kamperstein accomplished enervating a corpse from a purely scientific and empirical point of view only, but the opportunity and timing to interrogate the bad Doktor on his methods was poor as we engaged in combat almost immediately. Joe effectively took out the other SS officer. From what I could tell by their visage and awkward movements some zombies appeared in Edwina’s line of sight. I am sure I do not need to tell you what Edwina did. AGAIN. Ran. We subdued Kamperstein to the table, an irony I am sure that was not lost on him. I interrogated him as to the purpose of his experiments, and it is all in search of creating a Super Soldier for the Reich. Once again with time of the essence I was unable to discourse with the doctor regarding his scientific method. My interest stems from a purely hypothetical perspective. Upon asking if Kamperstein could command these zombie militia, he shouted out, “Feast!” This created a forward movement from the zombies which resulted in our barricading ourselves in. We argued, discussed, how to get out of the castle, when we heard a tearing sound as if fabric was being rended in two as well as gunfire and frantic shouting from the German soldiers outside. Three German soldiers came in the chamber and were pounced on and eaten by Zombies. Time to leave. More soldiers came in the door and we could see through the pouring rain, oily, bulbous bubbles in the courtyard. We ended up rescuing approximately 25 villagers with children which we directed to safe houses or to get out of town.

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