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Achtung Cthulhu Returns!

We’ve had a two week hiatus but we’ll be back rolling dice, taking aim, and investigating the weird workings of the Nazis in occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939! We’re using the Pulp Cthulhu rules and here is a snappy summary of our crew. Check other Call of Cthulhu posts for the full rundown:

  1. Our ragtag crew is briefed in the summertime of 1939 in England. Families are being abducted by the Third Reich at Karlstein Castle in occupied Czechoslovakia. Our team parachutes in behind enemy lines.

  2. Local farmers and business owners are seeing hard times and anxious about the disappeared family and priests.

  3. Resistance pamphlets and correspondence in the town’s church leads them into the wooded hillside near Castle Karlstein where they are attacked by a German trup. Resistance forces appear as the fight concludes, helps tend to wounds and find a place to rest.

  4. The local tavern keeper is concealing a rescued family. The investigators get the jump on off duty officers and attempt to sneak them to a family to the south. They are waylaid at a checkpoint, attempt to flee, and result in a brutal firefight.

  5. Wounded and weary, they trek overland to the farmhouse where they hole up for the night, the family safe, the Resistance aided.

Now, to discover this Codename: ANGEL, learn what they can from the Resistance, and perhaps make their way into Castle Karlstein for a full reconnaissance report! See you at 4pm at Vino Loco!

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