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Edit: Membership is no longer a payment model. Please see the post from January 25, 2018 for more information on membership. Welcome to the Pen & Paper Guild of Flagstaff! Looking to play or master a tabletop roleplaying game? This is the place to be! Here you can check in on ongoing RPG campaigns, keep an eye out for one shot sessions, or recruit new players. I'm Game Master Caleb and I started Vault to encourage face-to-face fun. Now, in the fall of 2017, our RPG player community has grown well beyond what I alone can accommodate. And that is a really, really good thing! Instead of trying to have a direct hand in every sorcerous fireblast, swashbuckling wink, suspenseful hinge squeal, and brutal axe-swing, I'm looking to encourage new game masters, invite new players to the table, and maintain a respectful environment for everyone. We can get into the details later, but here is a quick rundown: - Develop and maintain a community of pen & paper players - Encourage new game masters and facilitate new gaming tables - Provide materials such as playmats, rulebooks, figures, dice, and the like, to all - And most importantly, ensure a respectful community of player peers no matter individuals' backgrounds All of those factors interrelate and overlap and should not be read as a prioritized list. Instead, respectful and welcoming play is why community development and material support is important. No matter your age, race, faith, physical ability, or education, we want you to feel welcome. The Business Stuff This community is an outgrowth of Vault: Bringing Back Game Night. I have run RPG events as ticketed: Just like if you were to go to the movies, you would pay for the entertainment. With this pivot, payment and membership is modeled after something closer to fitness clubs. For the time being, this has been broken up into four tiers (+ tax per tier): - Newcomers' first session is always, always free - Basic, $25/month: 2 play sessions per month, +1 guest pass per month - Core, $50/month: 5 play sessions per month, +2 guest passes - Plus, $90/month: May have second account holder, 12 sessions per month, +4 guest passes - Premier, $150/month: May have third account holder, 20 sessions per month, +10 guest passes In addition, members can gain credits to their account in these ways: A) $50 credit by game mastering (GM, or GMing) at least three game sessions per month, in addition to campaign support. All GMs gain at least a Core Membership tier, though it can be credited to higher tiers. B) $25 credit (up to 6 times within any 12 month window) by being cited as a "Member Referral" by a new member. This is face-to-face entertainment, so we want guests to become ongoing players. We hope that these tiers reflect a high quality of entertainment and community support. With these payment levels we also believe that we can ensure ongoing support to current and new game masters. I aim to personally respond to questions, concerns, and criticism as openly as I can. Thank you, Caleb Alexander Founder & Lead Game Master Vault: Bringing Back Game Night & @playwithvault EDIT: I have increased the credit of GMing from $25 to $50, thus paying for a Core membership by way of GMing (Nov 2, 2017).

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