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  • 5E Sytem
  • Fantasy
  • Campaign/Module
  • Published in 2018 by Wizards of the Coast

D&D - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (incl. Map)

  • Rentals may be delivered with a minimum of $20, otherwise they will need to be picked up. Delivery will be coordinated with the email address provided during checkout. 

    By completing this purchase, the user agrees to the following terms:

    • Property will be returned to Vault no later than two months after delivery or the rental must be renewed by completing another payment. 
    • The user may be required to return property at any time as requested by Vault. The user will return property no later than one week after the request.
    • If property is not returned, or is returned damaged, the user will be liable for the full replacement value.
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