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Vault wants to run your next game night.

Remember game nights? Vault celebrates that special time with family and friends. We select the perfect games for you and get you playing with your favorite people. Set aside distractions and enjoy an evening of adventure, laughter, storytelling, and more. Join us for one of our many public events throughout the week by checking our calendar or schedule a private event today!

We're seeking new weekly event venues! If you're in the Northern Arizona region and think a tabletop game night or trivia event would suit you, then get in touch! Our events invite players to unplug and enjoy an afternoon or evening of fun. We customize our events and offer a unique, well-loved trivia that gets people excited to come back for more.   

Dice Man 2
Dice Man 3

Schedule your own game night.

We offer casual events for business venues looking to bring in something special, private events for your home or office, and adventure sessions for tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs). We are now playing online, too! Be sure to check our calendar for our Casual Events! Private events are great for family nights, evenings with friends, office parties, and youth groups! We find the best games to suit you. You can learn to play or have an ongoing adventure with our tabletop roleplaying game offerings, too!

We want to make your next event a big hit!

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